Mesker Products


Category: Doors - Exterior
Subcategory: Entry
Material: Steel/Metal
Type: Bullet Resistant, FEMA Tornado Protection, Hurricane Resistant, Replacement

Mesker hollow metal doors give you superior durability and performance.

Category: Doors - Interior
Subcategory: Commercial, Fire-Rated, Panel, Steel

Compared to wood doors, Mesker paneled doors enhance the beauty of a room while giving you the unique benefits of hollow metal doors - safety, security and durability.

Category: Doors Components
Subcategory: Door & Frame Systems

At Mesker, we have complete 16 gauge, 14 gauge and 12 gauge hollow metal frame packages. Whether you need knocked-down, cut-and-notch, welded or specially fabricated hollow metal frames, we have a solution because our complete line of hollow metal frames are quality engineered with premium components to give you long frame life and best-in-class fit & finish.