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Builders Specialty Products

Category: Windows & Skylights
Builders Specialty Products
Subcategory: Glass Block Units
Glass: Glass Block

Builders Accessories, Inc. offers Crystal View™ lightweight, prefabricated Glass Block Windows which are designed for beauty and performance. Crystal View™ Acrylic Block Windows offer many benefits not the least of which is their light weight. They are approximately 75% lighter than standard prefabricated glass block windows.

Builders Specialty Products
Subcategory: Architectural/Decorative Glass
Glass: Decorative Glass

We have two unique patterns to choose from, Serenity and Prominence with the choice of either Patina or Zinc caming. There are two levels of privacy offered; Moderate and Extreme. These beautiful decorative windows are available in two frame colors - Almond and White.

Builders Specialty Products
Subcategory: Garden
Material: Aluminum, Vinyl

Crystal View offers our special line of Garden View™ Garden Windows, which are available with either Aluminum or Vinyl frames.