Cal Crystal

Cal Crystal
Subcategory: Cabinet & Drawer, Decorative, Furniture, Home Accessory, Kitchen & Bath Accessory, Specialty
Material: Brass, Bronze, Ceramic, Chrome, Glass, Nickel, Porcelain, Stone, Wood
Product Type: Bars/Rings/Hooks, Grip & Pull, Knobs

Cal Crystal offers a wide selection of unique decorative cabinet hardware and bath accessories.

Sea Stones

Sea Stones
Subcategory: Decorative
Material: Stone, Wood
Product Type: Bars/Rings/Hooks

Sea Stone Coast Hooks are real stones on copper posts, securely mounted on beautiful solid hardwood backplates.

Sea Stones
Subcategory: Cabinet & Drawer
Material: Stone
Product Type: Grip & Pull, Knobs

Sea Stone knobs are made with ocean-smoothed stones, hand-gathered in New England, drilled and securely mounted to solid stainless steel posts.