FCX - Oil Fired Condensing Boilers

Product Summary

Hydronic heating at its best, FCX oil fired condensing boilers operate on both #1 and #2 fuel, and have unique features resulting in big dollar savings.

By using some basic controls and condensing enhancing techniques such as stack robbers, domestic water preheating, and HRV air preheating, you can reach 97% efficiency.

Thousands of installations worldwide have proven the FCX boiler to be most reliable and efficient. The FCX features a steel, primary non-condensing heat exchanger coupled to a condensing, stainless secondary heat exchanger. A built-in three-way mixing valve permits all-season comfort at maximum efficiency. The FCX has dual-temperature circuit capability, which makes combining low and high-temperature applications in the same structure quick and easy. It is ideal for year-round domestic hot water and is so silent, clean and nicely finished that it can be installed almost anywhere within most buildings.

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